How to Camp

How To Organize a CloudCamp

To Organize Your Own CloudCamp, we ask that you do the following:

1) IMPORTANT: Add your name and city to the CloudCamp City Organzers wiki page. Please do this ASAP!
2) Once you have chosen a location, contact Dave Nielsen (dave AT platformd DOT com) to discuss funding and sponsorship options. All CloudCamps must be free to attendees, and there are special rules if you plan to co-locate CloudCamp with your commercial conference;
3) Learn how to organize an unconference (see Open Space Technology for more details). Its not easy. We strongly recommend you ask us to help you organize and lead your first CloudCamp
4) Once we are comfortable with your plan, we will list your event on the CloudCamp Schedule page.

How To Participate in a CloudCamp

CloudCamp follows an interactive, unscripted unconference format. You can propose your own session or you can attend a session proposed by someone else. Either way, you are encouraged to engage in the discussion and “Vote with your feet”, which means … “find another session if you don’t find the session helpful”. Pick and choose from the conversations; rant and rave, or sit back and watch.

At CloudCamp, we tend to discuss the following topics:

* Infrastructure as a service (Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Rackspace, Nirvanix, etc)
* Platform as a service (AppEngine, Azure, etc)
* Software as a service (, Yahoo! Mail, etc.)
* Application / Data / Storage (development in the cloud)

Each topic has a moderator (the person who proposed the topics) to keep things going.

How it works

Want to be propose a topic? Want something discussed at the event? Got a problem on your mind, an unusual angle, or an interesting anecdote? Share it here and then propose it at the beginning of camp.

Other than the opening session, there is no pre-existing agenda. CloudCamp sessions will be determined using the Open Space ( process. Attendees will propose session topics during the opening session. Each proposed session will get its own room and attendees will choose which sessions they want to attend. This format encourages group discussion which is important when an industry like Cloud Computing is new. See Open Space Technology for more details.

Questions about how to run a CloudCamp: contact Dave Nielsen (dave AT platformd DOT com)

Backchannel: #cloudcamp (currently unused)

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